Angolo del Paradiso

Angolo del Paradiso

Where the eagles pose their seed of life, you can make the most of your senses and watch while others bathe their meat in sweet and fresh water ...
listen and shudder for eco caresses on your skin ...
touch the bodies of those who wants to be your next door also for just a moment ...
enjoy the sense of pleasure to those who love to share the feelings with you ...
smell the sensual scent of those who want to satisfy your cravings ...

Angolo del Paradiso

All this is NEW ANGOLO DEL PARADISO, private clubs in Modena

Place of meeting and pleasure, exchange and knowledge, fun and relaxation. It relaxes your mind, let us take you from us,
between stars and sky ...


NEW ANGOLO DEL PARADISO is a dream realized ...!
New Angolo del Paradiso is located in the countryside of Modena
A dip in the pool, a stay in a refined environment,
whispered words, kisses, senses, dreams, reality and ...


Days and times:

New Angolo del Paradiso is open:

from 22:00 to 03:00

Friday - Saturday
from 22:00 to 04:00




Guests couples every Wednesday and Thursday
(Excluding public holidays, pre-holidays or events)

The 1st Wednesday of each month - Evening Trav / Trans

It relaxes your mind, let yourself take by the hand, will
a sensual dance of fluffy clouds and starry nights ...